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MasterSeal is a Superior Maintenance free All in one cost effective and easy to apply Material. MasterSeal is a Green water-soluble polymer-based seal. Ideal for all type roofs ,under tile ,Ponds, Foundations Wall coating and any other waterproofing issues, the application of 2-3 coats of this polymer mixture will allow for a highly elastic and non-toxic waterproofing. It can be used on both new and existing structures MasterSeal is used for waterproofing of all new and existing structures. If the existing structure is cracked, MasterSeal may be applied directly over allowing less delay on the project repair and deflecting the cost of repairs. Can be hand touch dry in 3-4 hours A geotextile is used as the Seals’ membrane and allows for greater textile strength and protection against all elements. Once added with MasterSeal the membrane become more flexible, thus increasing the textile strength and the longevity of the waterproofing seal.

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