Tiled roof main service waterproofing system

One of the most important things in our lives is the roof over our heads. Servicing it every 18-24 months is a must responsibility of every home owner in order to protect it and saving in major expense on the long run. Normally it is a duty that most of the home owners forget to do until it is drawing their attention with interior damages. Some home owners choosing to address the service as a liability that can be solved DIY way without the knowledge that spot repair do not solve the problem. Masterproof SA providing a comprehensive service using our superior Masterseal maintenance free material on the most important weak points to be addressed, when conducting the service. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid schedule services or inspections on monthly bases that is the direct responsibility of the owner. However, Masterproof SA provide the owner with the highest quality and durable materials extending the gap period between services, MasterSeal is the ultimate seamless most weather resistance and durable application providing strong elastic membrane that can apply on all serviceable areas such as roof riders’ tiles, all type of flushing, gully’s, head and side boards also can be applied on damaged leaking gutters. MasterSeal is paintable and can be applied with any roof color to match the tile roof color to the treated areas.