Masterseal on torch on multidex board system

Waterproofing of board wooden base with or without torch-on systems roofs with masterseal is tomorrow’s Waterproofing solution today. The polymer and Geo-textile bonding allow for new age waterproofing, which is quick to apply and cost effective. MasterSeal is a water-soluble polymer based, Seamless and maintenance free seal. The application of 3 coats of this polymer mixture will allow for a highly elastic and non-toxic waterproofing. It can be used on both new and existing structures including on top of Torch-on system that have not reached the full life span of the material and subjected to final service to it. In some cases, the old system must be removed completely and will not need to be replaced. MasterSeal can be easily applied directly on the board. In order of having a complete peace of mind from maintenance and water leaks issues in the future. A Geo-textile is used as the Seals’ membrane and allows for greater textile strength durability and protection against all elements. Once added with MasterSeal the membrane become more flexible, thus increasing the textile strength and the longevity of the waterproofing seal.

The system is completed by applying a high quality of white high UV stable coat of roof paint serving as a reflector reducing interior house heat tremendously

(We Highly recommend Dulux Rock Grip roof paint)